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Elizabeth Olsen Gifs

Under the cut, you’ll find approximately #150 gifs of Elizabeth Olsen as Gerry in Very Good Girls. All GIFs included were created by me. Please, please don’t claim as your own. It’d be incredibly wonderful if you could like/reblog if you found this helpful! :) 


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every everlark scene  cf | going to the reaping

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Jennifer Lawrence for Dior 2014-15 Fall and Winter Women’s Handbag Collection

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I never wanted any of this. Never wanted to be in the games. I just wanted to save my sister and keep Peeta alive.

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"They’ll be granted immunity! You will personally pledge this in front of the entire population of District Thirteen and the remainder of Twelve. Soon. Today. It will be recorded for future generations. You will hold yourself and your government responsible for their safety, or you’ll find yourself another Mockingjay!"

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I never wanted any of this.

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catching fire meme ➳ nine outfits
          ↳  katniss’ wedding dress [4/9]

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Jennifer Lawrence as Miss Dior 2014 

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